1. You MUST be registered AND verified with the site, and also have made 1 post comment BEFORE you can request.
2. Requests will only be accepted if submitted on this form
3. Maximum of 3 requests allowed per member at ANY TIME
4. Requests are strictly limited to 1 item per form – thanks!
5. No asking for discographies or box sets
6. The request must already be released or due out in the next 7 days. No asking for items due out weeks in advance.
We reserve the right to refuse any requests not complying with the rules!

Requests are always welcome, please fill out the form in as much detail as possible and we'll do our best to find it!

* indicates required field
As of 17 June 2015, so that people are not kept waiting and hopefully to assist us in answering more of your requests, we will not do actual request posts, but any requests we receive will be added as a comment in the shoutbox for our team / other users to provide links for.

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